Let's bring the story back to entertainment!

Action Squad Studios is a story-driven transmedia studio developing and licensing new, exciting stories for games, motion pictures and other media. Our stories and products stand the test of time and are created by as passionate team as are the modern audiences consuming them.

People behind the action



Our studio was founded by seasoned gaming and entertainment industry professionals from Rovio, Supercell, Remedy, Redlynx and Bugbear. Our fun-loving team consists of multitalented directors, producers, game designers and artists who all share passion for storytelling and have been involved in creating entertainment megahits such as Angry Birds, Boom Beach, Bad Piggies, Quantum Break and Warhammer 40 000.

Iron danger

Our Iron Danger project is based on Nordic mythology re-told in the vein of Lord of the Rings meets Transformers. It will be a cross platform release including graphic novels and a game. In the magical world of Kalevala, the heroes of this nature respecting civilisation must face the dark forces of the Northland who plan on taking over their realm. The game follows an ordinary citizen of Kalevala as he/she rises to take on the North by collecting missing pieces of an ancient, powerful totem.

We're hiring

If you want to get in on the action, we're always looking for talented and like-minded storytellers, whether your expertise is in game design, programming, illustrations or writing. Send us a note, piece of video or a mind map that makes us go wild and want to contact you for recruitment to the troops of Action Squad.
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